Friday, August 12, 2011

Medicinal Chai Formula

I am writing this formula down mainly because I have mixed it for myself and my brother James a lot of time and wanted to keep the notes from being lost.  The ingredients are:

Green Tea


Bitter Orange
(Lemon Rind)

The first group has only two herbs.  These are the main ones behind the formula.  Yerba Mate and Lichee Black Tea seem to be possible substitutes for the Green Tea, but it still seems, for our experience, that a high quality Green Tea is superior (Ecoteas makes an excellent Green Tea and is fair trade and organic to boot).

The second set of ingredients are support ones.  We actually had more of these ingredients on this list, but these are the ones that seemed the most essential.  It seems that Fennel or Anise or both work about the same.  I prefer some Star Anise that is fresh ground.

The third set has Fenugreek which is also a key essential.  The others are less necessary.  Lemon Rind supports the first set very well and only a small amount is needed.  Bitter Orange is a thermogen and adds with some similarity to both Lemon Rind and Ephedra (not on the list).  A tiny bit is all that is needed, perhaps 1/20th of the total amount, if even that.  If you are unsure, then just skip it.

My brother has recovered a lot from a long term chemical sensitivity, sinusitus, and/or universal reactor allergy.  He has some allergic reactions still left, but they are more identifiable, have less impact, and has episodes less frequently.  The Chai blend has dissolved his sinus headache and congestion usually within one to three cups.  He takes the Chai twice a day and possibly one more time a day if needed.  It is the main thing that is healing him.

As usual, I am only reporting what I have found from my experience and from the experience of my brother in this case.  I cannot guarantee the same results for others.  If there is any doubt about whether something is healthy for you or whether it fits any prescriptions or any special biochemical individuality that you have, it is up to you to check in with your favorite health professional and make sure that it is okay or at least take the risk for oneself and not put the responsibility totally on me.  I believe more in the older herbal and energetic models of healing, like Tibetan medicine and Aryurveda, where healing is not seen as a magic bullet that you eat and miraculously get healed, but as a matter of getting the seven stages of digestion functioning properly, detoxing from any adverse condition within the body, and building up a high quality diet.  I also feel that it is important to have a compassionate heart, a creative loving service to others for the livelihood that one has, a clean conscience, and a commitment to look at and eliminate any addictions, both obvious ones and subtle ones.  And I do think that meditating every day for at least an hour is necessary for health and sanity.

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