Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cleansing Herbal Teas

I found that the following website had some good thought about how to do a cleanse:

There are two charts on the site, one showing organs and symptoms and the other showing which herbs you might take.  The site seems to require about medium skill with herbs in the sense that it is good information to fine tune your own herbal combinations.

I have been discovering in personal experience how to use Cayenne Pepper powder.  It is a very powerful cleansing and stimulating herb.  There are definitely contraindications to consider in its use and considerations about timing in its use (whether on an empty stomach or with a meal).

I am valuing its aggressive way of breaking up mucoidal strands from left over dairy in the system.  Although I have been Vegan for about 28 years now, I found some cheese slipped in at a restaurant, and was enough to produce mild asthmatic symptoms.  I also got a flu bug and my allergies aggravated, even though I had felt 99 percent free of them for over a decade.  It seems that aggressive herbs are necessary to really push out casein (Elmer's Glue) from the system.  I am using this healing challenge as an excuse to do a deeper purge of my system.

I have been looking for synergistic herbs to help this process and as well as using a squirt bottle to do a kind of nose gargle (like a neti pot, but a little more aggressive, I squirt tepid water with baking soda and salt while blowing through the nose OUTWARDS).  I also found a kind of homemade nasal spray that it about 4 cups of pure water with one drop of peppermint, thyme, tea tree oil, and lavender), done a little bit in time before the nasal gargle.

I found that sprinkling cayenne powder on hot air popped organic popcorn (with olive oil, Himalayan salt, nutritional yeast, and dried dill weed lightly sprinkled on it too).  It seems that the cayenne creates a small cayenne mist that goes into the nose and makes me snort out a lot of phlegm.  It is getting milder in reaction now, and only stings a little.  I am feeling a lot cleaner inside.

Again, as a note, I am not endorsing others doing this, just recording my own process and what is working for me.  I am experimenting and it seems that there are not adverse side effects.  It is still an intense cleanse and it may not be for everyone and some may need to modify the process in some way to adapt it to their needs (or try something else).  I figure, though, that if we all share our experience that it will help us evolve our herbal knowledge.

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