Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inner Cleanse and Liver Flush

I wanted to write some notes about some cleansing processes.  I have been asked a few times about a Liver Flush formula that has worked for me in the past and consists of two phases:

A tea with equal parts of:
Yellow Dock

Nowadays I would also add:
Dandelion Root
Clove (1/4 the amount of the others)
Triphala (1/4 the amount of the others)

to the formula.  Two tablespoons (3 tablespoons you add the other ingredients) and two cups of water, bring to boil, and simmer for 5 minutes.  The process yields one cup of Liver detox tea.

You want to prepare the above tea as a chaser for the powerful liver flush brew below:

2 Oranges
1 Lemon
1 Garlic clove
1 Ginger knob
2 tablespoons of Olive Oil

everything but the Olive Oil ran through a juicer.  Orange has the peel removed, the Lemon does not have the peel removed (unless it is not organic).  It is a slight foul brew and the tea is a welcome chaser to wash it down.  They work well together.  Many people have found the tea alone to be effective.

As always, please check with your health professional if you have any concerns about the use of this formula and respect your own biochemical individuality.  This formula is fairly safe, but the juiced portion of the formula is very intense and may bring up a lot for people to release.  Sometimes anger issues get intensified (and others around you may be more aware of this sooner than you are).  If it is too intense, just stay with the tea longer.

It also helps to have a cleansing diet at the same time.  If you are not already Vegan, then temporarily become Vegan for this cleanse.  Eat lots of salad with fresh grated carrots, any kind of leafy green, no raw onions, and perhaps some Daikon radishes (thinly sliced).  A small amount of rice and lentils for substance can be added.  Triple Leaf Detox tea is a very good conventional brand tea that helps to detox the body and is a useful supplement to this process and is very inexpensive.  Fresh juices, both from fruit and from vegetables, also helps this detox.

About 10 days in a row with the formulas should be enough, though a few have gone for about 21 days with a deeper cleanse happening and even some gallstones being released (a little extra Olive Oil helps to move them out).

I would also add a tea made of warm water and a teaspoon of Triphala powder a few nights before going to sleep, to help detox and heal the intestines.  This should be gentle enough to continue with longer if you are finding benefit with this.

If you have cheese in your diet, you may need to dissolve all the mucoid strands in your intestines first, so that your body has a cleansing path to remove the toxins from itself.  Cheese is about 70 percent Elmer's Glue (there is a smiling cow on the label for a reason, though in reality the cows are not smiling all that much).  If you want to get clear on this, buy some casein free Vegan cheese, cheddar cheese, and Elmer's glue to compare, notice the gooey texture of two of them, and how the Vegan "cheese" does not have it and barely melts right.  There are some special herbal formulas to cleanse the colon of mucoidal strands.

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  1. Each Tablet Contains
    Cleansing herb blend 777 mg*
    Acacia gum, plantain leaf, blessed thistle herb, cloves, corn silk extract 4:1, yellow dock root extract 4:1, red clover tops extract 4:1, buckthorn bark extract 15% glucofrangulin

    Above is the Yerba Prima intestinal cleanse formula.

    Notice that yellow dock is part of this. Plantain leaf is a very powerful blood coagulate and I would not recommend this to people who need to take a prescription blood thinner. It seems that cloves is the most important one to add on the list, plus an intestinal broom like Psyllium Husk powder. The husk powder is very powerful. I would not recommend taking more than a tablespoon and then waiting for the powder to completely move through the whole intestinal system and excreted, and then take another one and do the same, etc. For some, a gentler fiber may be advisable. I would also recommend going gluten free forever to help the intestines to heal.

    I place of thistle, boiling artichoke leaves is helpful, very affordable, and a very powerful liver regenerater.